Feb 2013 Hottie of the Month: Stella Chuu


It’s February and everyone’s falling in love with our Hottie of the Month: Stella Chuu!  She’s got gorgeous cosplays ranging from Marvel, to gaming, and anime.  Check out her page and I guarantee her photos will get your engine going.  ”Chuu chuu!”  Check back regularly for more pictures throughout the month and an exclusive interview!


Stella Chuu as PyslockeSo what’s the best costume to wear for a cosplay interview?

Err all of them? At the same time :D

What got you into the cosplay thing?

In high school, I ran an anime club and forced my members to dress up as Naruto characters with me. I found out later that it was cosplay.


What was your first costume you wore when you started doing the model thing and what made you pick that one?

I want to say Tron because I started taking cosplaying more seriously in 2011. I actively posed and was conscious of how my body moved. The costume is a black catsuit with glowing white stripes and a badass bouken sword. It was hard not to look cool.

Stella Chuu as Borderlands
Are you more the villain or the hero type?

I portray myself as a hero type in real life but if I could cause the slaughter of villages with just the might of my hand, by gods I will do it.

So you find yourself in a dark alley with your arch nemesis and a battle is about to begin, do you prefer to fight with a gun or sword and why?

Guns pew pew pew.

If you had a chance to play one character in a big budget Hollywood film, who would you like to be?


You must have a favorite comic that you read on a regular basis?

I read www.johnnywander.com on a regular basis. I’ve always been a webcomic girl. And ironically, mundane everyday life stories are what intrigue me the most.

You get out of the shower and are getting ready to go to an awesome comic con show and then out of nowhere you’re surrounded by ninjas. What’s the first thing you do?

Naked invisible dance party.


Clearly you’ve had guys hit on you when you’re all dressed up. What’s the funniest or at least most memorable thing someone has said to you?

“Are you Chinese or Japanese?”
“Uhhhh Chinese. Why do you ask?”
“Oh………… (╯︵╰,)…..I came to comic con…because I wanted…to find….a…japanese girlfriend…to have sex with me…”
And then I ran away forever.

Stella Chuu as Pyslocke
You look out your window one day and you see absolute bedlam. You realize that you are the only one that can help. You know that whatever super hero costume you put on will also come with their powers. What costume do you pick and why?

A Siren from Borderlands. I’m not here to heal anyone. I’m here to kick some ass. No savior here :P

What is your favorite aspect of the geek culture (video games, comics, anime, etc.)?

I use video games and anime to wind down. If I am really stressed out because of my job or cosplay, I just pick up a controller and shoot some skags. These elements will always be a constant in my life.

Which costume is your power outfit, the one you feel you look the best in?

Right now, Ivy is my best costume. It is very iconic and dazzling to look at. It makes me really sad that I am retiring it.

What’s your favorite convention to go to?

Katsucon! It is a cosplayer’s paradise there. The atrium has the best lighting for photographs. Everyone is very professional and all my friends attend it.

Stella Chuu as Pyslocke
Vampires and zombies have been hot for the last few years. Which one is a more compelling story to you and why?

I like zombies the most because if I become one, I get to eat people’s faces off or otherwise I am shooting people’s faces off. Vampires are too angsty and self centered.

What new costumes are you hoping to add to your resume in the future?

OH god if I can make a Queen of Blades from Starcraft, it would make my decade!


Disclaimer: These photographs were not taken by Hero Hotties. They were provided to us by the model portrayed in the photograph or the photographer/studio that took them. Permission has been granted to HeroHotties.com to showcase them on  our website.

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