This Cosplayer brings all new meaning to the phrase “No glove, no love.” because whether she’s playing Rogue or not, Camille will take your breath away.  On November 17th, the Hero Hottie squad traveled south to capture Camille Adrienne as Southern Belle Rogue.

Check out the photos below and definitely check out Camille’s page.  Although she’s new to Cosplay she’s a long time fan of the nerdy as we found out from the several hours of geek shenanigans and nerdy quotes.  A true fan, Camille’s been reading comics since… well let’s just say I think a comic may have been her first book.  She also has body art of her favorite character and did I mention that hair is real?  How much more into the part can you get?!  Definitely a fun day to work with her.


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Photography By:
Marvin Cruz
Toney Tapia

Key Grip:
Matt Skarbeck

Meadowlark, VA

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