November 2012 Hottie of the Month: Nicole Marie Jean!

Check out this month’s Hottie of the Month: Nicole Marie Jean!  She’s got a hot variety of Cosplays ranging from movies like Sucker Punch and Alien vs Predator (Have you caught her line of chest busters?) to the traditional comic books heroines like Wonder Woman (bites lip in appreciation) and a gender bender Thor.  Check back throughout the month to see more pics!

So what’s the best costume to wear for a cosplay interview?
A giant trash bag and I will tell you it’s Smog from Ferngully because it’ll be the most comfortable to wear.

What got you into the cosplay thing?
I attended my first convention called Granite State Comic Con in 2010. While I was there I saw a handful of people in costume as their favorite characters. I saw how they used both their artistic, creative abilities, as well as, their love of the characters to bring them to life. I’ve always been into art and all things creative and have had a life-long love of comic book characters and all things geeky so I instantly became interested in getting into cosplay myself.

What was your first costume you wore when you started doing the model thing and what made you pick that one?
I began cosplaying in May of 2011. My first costume was Babydoll from Sucker Punch. I had just seen the movie and I fell in love with the character. She’s been through hell and back and never gives up. I know a lot of people didn’t like the movie, but she was an inspiring, strong character and they can hush their mouths.

Are you more the villain or the hero type?
Hero. I have a big heart. Plus I have a thing for men that wear their underwear on the outside of their pants and being a hero would get me bonus points with those studs. It would be fun to be a villain every once in a while though.

So you find yourself in a dark alley with your arch nemesis and a battle is about to begin, do you prefer to fight with a gun or sword and why? Neither. Unarmed combat. Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em robots style. I’m quick like a spider monkey and pack quite a punch.

If you had a chance to play one character in a big budget Hollywood film, who would you like to be?
I very much want Hollywood to make a Predator movie that features Machiko’s story. She kills Alien queens and lives and hunts with a Predator clan. Can a woman get more badass than that?

You must have a favorite comic that you read on a regular basis. Which is it? Deadpool is my favorite comic to read. He always makes me chuckle.

You get out of the shower and getting ready to go to an awesome comic con show and then out of nowhere you’re surrounded by ninjas. What’s the first thing you do?
As I fight the first few off while in my birthday suit, I’d send a call out to the other Power Rangers because those aren’t ninjas, those are putties.

Clearly you’ve had guys hit on you when you’re all dressed up. What’s the funniest or at least most memorable thing someone has said to you? I don’t get a lot of pick-up lines. I do get a lot of people afraid to talk to me or take pictures. I’ve fallen victim to hover hand time and time again. However, my newest costume, female Punisher, gets men saying, “Punish me” a lot. I suggest they not do that. I will follow through and set them on fire.

You look out your window one day and you see absolute bedlam. You realize that you are the only one that can help. You know that whatever super hero costume you put on will also come with their powers. What costume do you pick and why?
Wonder Woman. That girl is so badass. Also, it gives me an excuse to kick ass in star spangled underwear.

What is your favorite aspect of the geek culture (video games, comics, anime, etc.)?
Comic books and graphic novels. I was first and foremost obsessed with Star Wars as a youngin’ though.

Which costume is your power outfit, the one you feel you look the best in? None. I don’t have one particular one I feel I look best in. I’m my own worst critic.

What’s your favorite convention to go to?
I’ve been doing this for a year and a half so there’s only a select few I’ve been to more than once. I loved going to MegaCon in Florida last winter. I will always have a special place in my heart for Granite State Comic Con since it was my first. My next convention, Super MegaFest, is also a favorite and I look forward to it this year.

Vampires and zombies have been hot for the last few years. Which one is a more compelling story to you and why?
Well, we have two franchises that have given us vampires and zombies in the recent years, Twilight and The Walking Dead. The Walking Dead has done some genius work while Twilight has made us nearly tired of vampires… and sparkles and Kristen Stewart.

What new costumes are you hoping to add to your resume in the future?
My current project is Rule 63 Bane from Dark Knight Rises. The mask is nearly complete and ready to be painted. Next is Savage Land Rogue and Venom. Bane will be done for November 16th. I also may have Rogue done for that too. My list of future costumes goes on forever.


Disclaimer: These photographs were not taken by Hero Hotties. They were provided to us by the model portrayed in the photograph or the photographer/studio that took them. Permission has been granted to to showcase them on  our website.

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