New York Comic Con 2012

Review from a Photographer’s Point of View:

Another year at New York Comic Con comes and goes and, man, was there a lot going on.  I think that was my big peeve about this event compared to past years.  There was a LOT going on.  So much, in fact, that I think I got to experience only 20% of what the con had to offer.  Can we just talk about this for a second?  And don’t worry, we’ll end on some positive notes.

Foot Traffic
Way too many people in the exhibitor areas.  It was almost more beneficial to hover in the lobby area to actually get to see, meet, and take pictures of all the awesome CosPlay.  I can’t count the number of times I saw an awesome CosPlay… past a wall or sea of people.   I also felt like I couldn’t always get a good shot in that claustrophobic crowd of hotness… or would avoid taking a picture entirely because I didn’t want to add to the traffic jam by stopping for the photo.  I also don’t think the placement of exhibits helped.  Putting the big names and gaming area right at the entrance just meant that a majority of traffic was at the front when you’re trying to get in or, more importantly, get out.  If you know those big exhibits are still going to draw the foot traffic, does it hurt to throw them in the far corner and keep the traffic flow in the entry ways clear?  I even took a couple minutes to listen to a disabled fan complain about how being in a wheel chair makes the situation that much more frustrating, that is if you can find the elevator that takes you to the third floor where all the action happens.  Side note: That guy should totally have been Professor X and telepathically moved people out of his way.  Shit, it worked for the Assassin’s Creed CosPlayer as he moved through the crowd.  I was thinking of tearing off my shirt and throwing on a head band to Lui Kang bicycle kick the sh*t out of slow people.

Cell Phone Service
Well I guess if you’re escaping the real world into a world of fantasy and role play, this is more a positive thing than a negative one.   But if that’s what you’re looking for, you’d be stuck in that world without escape back to the real world.  Can I get a bar?  I don’t even mean one with beer here!  More bars in more places?  Yeah that ad would be proven wrong here.   How about some WiFi coverage to make up for it more than the default, drowned convention WiFi?  Having no service makes it difficult to coordinate with models for photo shoots, find the rest of your friends when you get separated (because it’s gonna happen – see point one above), or even coordinate meeting up for lunch!  Where was the heroine with the power to focus cell coverage to a targeted location, say a three block radius around 36th Street and 11th Ave?

Labyrinth of Booths
Anyone else confused by the new layout of this year’s con?  I so loved just chilling out in Artist Alley or watching all the gaming (arcade or board) but I don’t even think I found either of those places in this Con.  Admittedly, maps were an afterthought.  I found a sign telling me that there was, in fact, an app for that but… well see point two above.  I found pockets of Artist Alley-like areas but nothing where I heard angels’ voices when I turned around a corner.  In other cases I saw models from the WWE and Playboy all together but then wrestlers randomly placed throughout the 2 larger rooms.  I’m glad I wasn’t seeking them out or else I might have gone Hack Saw Jim Duggan on someone.  (Plus points for you if you got that reference.)

The Good
OK, but it wasn’t all bad.  It’s not like I’m raising a snobby nose to NYCC never to return (I love this shit!).  They do very well for the crowds they attract.  They just need to put a little more effort into crowd control and cell service.  What I did love about this con were the number of CosPlay celebrities.  I know, there were legitimate celebrities there but, c’mon, I’m a photographer for Hero Hotties!  So bring on the Cosplay Hottays (Get it?  Don’t even think about stealing that.. Trademarked, Suckas… says me)  I had my Zelda heart pieces set on finding some key ladies and was able to find them all.  I got to watch Freddie Nova get painted up for her famous Venom CosPlay (or is that infamous since she’s a villain?).  I give her props for the patience it takes to go through the prep for that either way.  I got to see the sexy Ms Nigri as she cosplayed Moxxi.  I have to add here that I love that someone with her popularity was taking free pictures. … even though she had a line wrapping around the huge Zenescope booth.  And right around the corner I got to see Lauren Francesca.  Lastly, I’ve been obsessed with Sam Macaroni videos on youtube and found Liz Katz as a result.  Very hot CosPlayer.  I kept passing by the Aggressive Comics booth where I thought she was going to be but finally found her at Adam Jay’s booth (oh yeah, check him out too!).

It was also awesome to see all of the friends we’ve made and familiar faces while working on this site.  Even though it was hard to meet up or stop for a quick conversation, knowing all of you and see you makes any con so much more fun and worth all challenges.  And speaking of you hotties… THE GALLERY!

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