Otakon 2012

It was our first time taking photos at Otakon this year and I gottta say it was so much fun!  There’s just so many more things to do and people to meet at this convention compared to other conventions on the Hero Hotties tour list.

We’ve been to Baltimore Comic Con for several years and love it, but Otakon makes use of all the areas of the same convention center.  What is normally used for the whole convention in BCC, Otakon uses for gaming and fun.  Then on top of that there are additional areas for dealers, artists, photography, panels.  Just a sh*t ton of stuff!  One day is totally not enough time for all this fun.

I don’t know what it is about this convention but the community at this convention are so close knit and open to meeting new people or meeting people for the first time in person after only conversing on social media.  For our site, it just makes for an incredible number of photos and a lot of group photos that are themed in some way.  Love it.

Well I think the only con was the long line to get into the dealer area near the end of the day.  Even when opening up the entire convention center, there are just so many people.  Totally not as bad as other conventions like NYCC or SDCC but I gotta find SOMETHING to write about. ;)

Overall, I love this con and I plan on putting this into yearly rotation.  Convention-wise it’s a great way to spend the day, but let’s not forget about all the parties that go along with this convention.  My arm hurt for a week from all the dancing and fist pumping. If you’ve never been to this convention, it’s definitely worth going.  So sign up for next year as soon as you can!

“Hotties from Otakon 2012! If you see yourself, feel free to tag yourself. Enjoy!”

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