Maybe not a hero but a hottie all the same.  On June 23rd, the “Hero Hottie Squad” got the pleasure to work with two of the finest cosplay artists on the east coast; one being model Seomay. In this exclusive segment Seomay let’s out the naughty side as the sexy villainess Harley Quinn!

This harlequin (get it?) jester is often found chumming around with Poison Ivy or playing accomplice to the Joker, nemesis of Batman.  Always naughty and fun in nature, Seomay portrays Harley with a slight mischief not found in her earlier cosplays of the day.

Enjoy Seomay as Harley Quinn in this exclusive photo gallery.

Trust me. There’s more to come…

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Photography By:
Marvin Cruz
Toney Tapia

Key Grip:
Matt Skarbeck

Ft. Mott, NJ/June 23rd 2012

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