Not exactly cupid but you’ll be love struck by an arrow from this Cosplay of Artemis! On June 23rd, the “Hero Hottie Squad” got the pleasure to work with two of the finest cosplay artists on the east coast; one being model Soni Aralynn. In this exclusive segment we have Soni portraying DC’s Artemis.

Born the daughter of the villainous Huntress and Sportsmaster, this heroine joins Young Justice as a second protege to the Green Arrow.  She wields a bow and arrow with a quickness matched only by her quick wit and biting remarks.  This wild child takes danger head on without hesitation and never backs down from confrontation.

Enjoy Soni Aralynn as Artemis in this exclusive photo gallery.

Trust me…there’s more to come!

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Photography By:
Marvin Cruz
Toney Tapia

Key Grip:
Matt Skarbeck

Ft. Mott, NJ/June 23rd 2012

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